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Originally Posted by smkuro View Post
I'm attaching two calibration files for my 110FD, one for ISF-Day and the other for ISF-Night. It is interesting to see the tradeoffs between trying to get a smooth gamma curve, vs. a smooth gray scale. ISF-Night gets the gamma right around 2.2, but the gray scale is a bit bumpy. ISF-Day gets the gray scale smoother, but the gamma is a bit lower (2.1) and not quite so smooth. There are minor color errors to be fixed, especially cyan. But, overall, I'm happy with both of these. I like the fact that one can have two settings to compare. My feeling is that 2.2 as the gamma threshold is a bit high, and I am going to see tonight if I like 2.1 better.

Comments welcome! Thanks again to Shawn for his really neat program, which made this so much easier. I wish I could get reliable performance from the internal HCFR test patters, which would make calibration so much faster than using the AVS HD-DVD, and manually stepping through each pattern.
Nice but you should be able to have a better RVB curve...

ISF Night...

Try these two advices :
- Increase Red Gamma at 70 IRE of 1 point
- Decrease Blue Gamma at 50 IRE of 1 point

It should solve your issues regarding RVB curve and the impact on the Gamma curve should be not much important...
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