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Originally Posted by smkuro View Post
OK, following GorGorBey's suggestion, here's an improved calibration file with far better gamma. Now, the curve is quite flat, and the individual R,G,B gammas are much tighter (especially red). I now understand how to use the very useful 9-point gamma controls.

The lower end of the gray scale needs tightening somewhat, which is my next step. And then perhaps I can get cyan closer to the reference.

On another topic: I wonder if it would be possible to unlock the noise control (3D) in thbe ISF-day or ISF-night settings. Yesterday, I was watching Room With a View on Blu-Ray: marvellous transfer, but the film grain was quite noticeable in many scenes. It would be nice to have that noise reduction system activated. I guess I could aways set that control ON in ISF-Day and have it disabled in ISF-night (or vice versa).

Too bad we can't rename the ISF-Day or ISF-night to something more meaningful.
It's much better now because it's perfect at 70 IRE (this IRE is very important....)

Regarding cyan, you can adjust the value by using the saturation measure of ColorHCFR...

For The low end, What sort of sensor do you have ?
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