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Default LCD calibration by a professional sensor LG settings

I found a particular site accurate and professional calibration to LCD LG

I appeal to people familiar with the interface settings of LG.

It's my model calibration settings:

I tried to set up but sure there's something I was doing wrong!

These settings I can play and change my LCD menu just order!

White balance - warm
Hello definitions can reach up to (50 +) or (50 -)
Contrast red -
Sharp green -
Sharp blue -
Bright red -
Bright green -
Bright blue -

Hello definitions can reach up to (30 +) or (30 -)
Color management system:
Red color -
Red hue -
Green color -
Green tint -
Blue color -
Blue -
Yellow color -
Yellow -
Turquoise -
Turquoise hue -
Pink color (magenta) -
Pink color (magenta) -

I know an expert to enter the settings and set all you need .... but accurate color settings of the IRE

For example ..
Write IRE setting up RED 100 minus 20 then appears where I put it?
Contrast red?
Bright red?
Red color?

Where I put the minus 20 red?:

Thank you

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