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Default Klein Instruments K-10 Non-Contact Color Meter Now Available!

Available bundled with CalMAN Professional and ControlCAL Professional Plus for $7995.00 (Contact Us for special order link).

The Klein K-10 is a reference-class non-contact optical color meter with superb accuracy, the fastest read times you will find, and superior performance at low light.

This is an incredibly fast meter. In all SpectraCal's testing, they have never seen anything that approaches its speed.

The K-10 can return results at low light levels beyond the point at which any other meter we've seen gives up ― and it's still fast at those levels!

(It's also capable of returning accurate levels at extremely high light levels.)

The color readings delivered by the K-10 closely map the CIE specifications.

Flicker Filter
The K-10 is a combination of a luminance meter, integrator and FFT analyzer all in one. The probe measures luminance and integrates the data in the head. This makes the K-10 an excellent choice for calibrating DLP displays. The color wheel flicker of DLP displays can confuse many colorimeters (causing them to synch on the color wheel), but not the K-10!

Read Head Boot for Contact Mode
The K-10 ships with a read head boot which can be used to nudge the K-10 right up against a display. The boot is made of soft rubber so that you need not worry about damaging the surface of the display. Because it removes all ambient light, the read head boot makes the K-10 ideal for measuring reflective displays such as plasmas.

Industrial Strength Instrument
Unlike fragile lab instruments which cannot withstand transportation or use in the field, the K-10 is a rugged instrument built to industrial standards.

Selected Features

* Large Photodiodes. Diodes that are 5mm x 5mm each, along with thermally stable components, are combined to report the highest degree of accuracy.
* Exceptionally Accurate Filters. Not only is the f1’ of Y critical but the accuracy of X and Z as well.
* Light Mixing Chamber. This ensures all the diodes see the same light and virtually eliminates any x,y variations by turning the probe clockwise or counter clockwise.
* Quick Measurements over an RS-232 line. The head takes 256 measurements per second, even at low light. For readability, 8 measurements per second is displayed.
* FFT Flicker Meter: Probe measures & integrates Y data in the head, and streams in real time to the pc, and a Fast Fourier Transform is performed. JEITA method.
* 8 Bright LED's. LED's projecting through a 62mm focal length lens and focusing on a display, define the measurement area. Acceptance angle is +/- 5 degrees.
* Rugged Construction. The K-10’s auto ranging is solid state and the case is impact resistant to hold up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week required usage that manufacturing plants require.

Technical Specifications

Measuring Function: Colorimetric, xyY, uvY, RGB, Tc Tuv Y,

Measuring Range: 0.00006-2919 fL; 0.0002-10,000 nits (candelas per square meter)

Measurement Area/Distance: 22mm diameter / 110 mm from display

Display Intervals: 0.1 second auto ranging; 6 ranges, each channel ranges independantly.

Filtering: 20Hz low pass 3 pole analog filter, 14 bit A/D Converter, digital averaging

System Response: Closely matches CIE 1931 Std Observer curves. Click Klein vs. CIE

Accuracy(Illuminant A):
Chroma +- 0.002 x,y (displayed value > 1.00 nits)
Luminence +- 1% Y, +- 1 LSB (displayed value > 0.01 nits)

Chroma +- 0.002 x,y (displayed value > 1.00 nits)
Luminence +- 1% Y, +- 1 LSB (displayed value > 0.01 nits)

Data Interface: 9600 baud RS232 Communication to PC

Output Connectors: Serial com 9-pin (DB9), USB plug for 5v power only

Size: 10.5" Long x 2.375" Diameter (267mm x 60mm)

Power Supply: 5 volts, 75mA nominal (175mA max w/LED's On) from pc's USB port, or from included power supply

Operating Requirements: Temperature: 0-40 C; Humidity: below 85% RH non-condensation

Weight/Materials: net 19 oz (591g.); Platinum colored high-impact plastic & Black anodized aluminum

Shipping Weight: 3 pounds

About Klein Instruments
Klein Instruments Corporation (Portland, OR) has a twenty-five year history of delivering reference-grade optical instruments, primarily to display manufacturers. When you use a Klein K-10 to calibrate your display, you are very likely using the same instrument the manufacturer used to test it!

The Klein K-10 is backed by a strong one-year warranty from the manufacturer.
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