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I figured it out. You must install the virtual box experimental driver for 3d when installing virtual box tools.
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thank for updating the solution bwspot, will help those using vb...
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I just got ControlCAL, WONDERFUL program, as most of you already know. No issues with BootCamp, on my old MacPro tower, running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Testing so far, I was able to open the ISF day/night modes, so communications between my 55" VT50 are working properly. I have an old version of Parallels 6.0, and am NOT able to connect as of yet, keep getting an invalid IP address warning, and the 2nd window in ControlCAL, which is like a scrolling "console" window, shows "COM1" not open, but I'm connecting via a hardwired CAT6 connection, not sure COM1 is even needed. Anyways, I'm trying to trouble shoot the various communications possibilities, as well as firewall, etc. Lots of possible "suspects", but being able to not have to reboot into BootCamp is the goal, I'm hopeing that it's just a Parallels setting I'm missing.

EDIT: Stuck with it, and messed with Zone Alarm, a free add-on Windows firewall application, created a rule to allow the IP address of the HDTV, and that's how I finally got "connected". I'm not much of a Windows guy, so I have a lot of figuring out to do, when I'm Booted into Windows, or using Parallels, much more knowledgable on my Mac. But this shows/proves that ControlCAL can indeed be run with even a pretty old version of Parallels, on a Mac, if configured properly!
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Working well here with the latest version of Parallels under Mountain Lion 10.8.3

The only thing I have to figure out is the Wait4 option but I am unsure if this option is available via Wi-Fi
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bootcamp, mac, os x, parallels, virtualbox, vmware fusion

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