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Smile Pure Mode, European KRP-500M

Pioneer KRP-500M European (UK) Model Monitor
Pure Mode settings

Meters: i1Pro & i1Display2
Software: ColourHCFR, CalMan, ChromaPure
Source: Pioneer BDP-LX71 (V1.38) Professional Preset
Patterns: AVSHD709, GetGray, DVE HD Basics, DVE (SD)

AV Selection: Pure
Contrast: 35
Brightness: +2 (may not be possible on newer panels)
Color: +4
Tint: 0
Sharpness: -13 (personal preference, I find that the last two clicks simply 'blur' the image, but many will say it must be -15)
Gamma: 2

Pro Adjust

Pure Cinema
Film Mode: Advance
Text Optimization: Off
Intelligence: Off

Picture Detail:
DRE Picture: Off
Black Level: Off
ACL: Off
Enhancer Mode: 1

Color Detail:
Color Temp: Manual
R High -3
G High 0
B High +3
R Low -4
G Low 0
B Low -1

CTI: Off

Color Management
R 0
Y +2
G -2
C 0
B 0
M 0

Color Space: 2

Noise Reduction:

3DNR: Off
Field NR: Off
Block NR: Off
Mosquito NR: Off

Screen Size: Dot by Dot
Power Save Mode: Off
Orbiter: Off

The above settings give my panel an almost perfect greyscale, great gamut (except for blue over luminance, dE94 still below 3) and a gamma of 2.20 across the whole range. The 100IRE reading is 34ftL - I sometimes wonder about reducing this as some 'credit rolls' can appear almost too bright on the black background, but there is absolutely no clipping (the panel can go much higher).

By changing the gamma from 2 to 1 and the Blue Low from -1 to 0 the gamma response can be changed to 2.26 while still retaining excellent greyscale and gamut (again excepting blue).

I am currently running my setup with the gamma set for 2.26 as my viewing environment can be described as 'dim', NOT dark. The panel retains great shadow detail along with movie borders that merge with the panel surround - no increase in black level even when viewed in complete darkness.

My panel was built in February 2009, and now has over 2000 hours accumulated. No break-in procedures were performed, but initial use was almost 100% full screen material - the Blu-Rays came later. There is no evidence of image retention - and no stuck/dead pixels.

I have a registered copy of ControlCal and have used that to access the ISF modes - but the calibration possible in Pure mode is so good there does not seem much point in using the ISF modes. Also, I find the 9-point gamma to be effectively 'broken' if you want to set a gamma to any value higher than 2.21 - as a trial I set all 9 RGB values to -5 and still got a gamma of 2.20 - you can go lower very easily but it seems to top out at just over 2.22 (I must be doing something wrong).

The other issue with ISF is the lack of control over Drive Mode - whereas Pure mode automatically lets me set the appropriate mode for each resolution/refresh combination and remembers them uniquely. I only have a single HDMI lead going to the panel, all my source switching is controlled by an Onkyo 876.

I hope that others may find these settings useful.

I have attached images from my ChromaPure calibration session, but have actually reduced the Colour setting by 1 since these were taken.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Greyscale HD 220.jpg (35.7 KB, 100 views)
File Type: jpg Gamma HD 220.jpg (20.9 KB, 86 views)
File Type: jpg Gamut HD 220.jpg (19.4 KB, 77 views)
File Type: jpg Luma HD 220.jpg (25.2 KB, 75 views)

Last edited by AV_mike; 01-21-2010 at 04:08 PM. Reason: Added captures from ChromaPure
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Naturally speaking, Enhancer Mode 2/Sharpness -15 is correct. Enhancer Mode 1/Sharpness -15 isn't. So anyone saying sharpness must be -15 using Enhancer Mode 1 is as incorrect as you using -13 with it.

Sharpness should be what you want it to be really
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you have probably sold the M now since its 6 years ago you posted
if not you are smart user

using manual colortemp with pure mode is unstable i think
gamma and white ballance changes if you set contrast over 37.
dont know if you have noticed it?

peak brightness is also reduced with manual colortemp
the better way is to use the "Mid Low" colortemp and then calibrate the WB inside the Service menu.

As for 9 point gamma changes on the ISF mode you must be doing something wrong.
gamma can be set much higher
2.4 is no problem to get

Edit: i just got an link to this thread about the Blue Over luminance problem
can you also explain what you mean by that as i cant see anything wrong with blue color except the usual slight lower saturation that all kuros have.
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